B&M Terms

Our Pawn Policies

  • The Parties agree as follows:
    • A pledgor shall have no obligation to redeem pledged goods or make any payment on a pawn transaction.
    • Pledged goods not redeemed within 30 days following the originally fixed maturity rate shall be forfeited to the pawnbroker and absolute right, title and interest in the good shall vest in the pawnbroker.
    • “The pledgor of this item attests that it is not stolen, it has no liens or encumbrances against it, the pledgor has the right to sell or pawn the item, and that the pledgor is not in voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy of any type.
    • The item pawned is redeemable only by the bearer of this ticket.
    • Pledgor asserts that pledgor is at least 19 years of age.
  • Pawns are for one month. The pawnshop charge is deemed earned, due and owing as of the date of the pawn transaction and a like sum shall be deemed earned due and owing on the same day of the succeeding month.
  • Any personal property pledged to a pawnbroker within this state is subject to sale or disposal when there has been no payment made on the account for a period of 30 days past maturity date of the original contract, and no further notice is necessary. Pledgor shall present their ticket when redeeming the pledged goods. Pawnbroker agrees to return the pledged goods to the pledgor upon payment of the amount loaned plus pawnshop charge and any other lawful charges.
  • Any person identified as pledgor or as authorized representative of the pledgor and presenting a pawn ticket to the pawnbroker shall be entitled to redeem or repurchased goods described on the ticket. In the event pledged goods are lost or damaged while in the possession of the pawnbroker, it shall be the responsibility of the pawnbroker to replace the lost or damaged goods with like kinds of merchandise and proof of replacement shall be a defense to any prosecution. For the purpose of the provision, ‘lost’ includes pledged goods that have been destroyed or have disappeared due to willful neglect that results in the pledged goods being unavailable for return to the pledgor.
  • If the pawn ticket is lost, destroyed or stolen, the pledgor shall so notify the pawnbroker in writing, and receipt of the notice shall invalidate the pawn ticket, if the pledged goods have not been previously redeemed. Before delivering the pledged goods or issuing a new pawn ticket, the pawnbroker shall required the pledgor to make a written statement of the loss, destruction or theft of the ticket. The pawnbroker is entitled to a fee not to exceed $5.00 in connection with each lost, destroyed or stolen pawn ticket and the taking of a properly prepared written statement for the pawn ticket.
  • Verbal agreements for additional days are NOT binding.
  • No goods shown for redemption unless paid in advance.
  • Pawn redemption payments or pawn interest payments may be made using a debit card.
  • No personal checks accepted!
  • Neither pawn redemption payments or pawn interest payments may be made using a credit card. 

Our firearm transfer policies

If you purchase a gun online via auction or from an online retailer, the seller is required to ship the firearm to a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) and this process is called a transfer.

B&M Pawn offers transfers at a minimal cost of $25 per item.

Once you purchase your firearm, the online retailer may have B&M Pawn listed already as a dealer. If that’s the case, you select us and complete your transaction. If not, you will contact us and provide the seller’s email address or fax number and we will send them a copy of our FFL. You can track the shipment or we can notify you when the firearm arrives.

When you come in to pick up your gun, we will conduct a background check (you will complete form 4473 and provide current state issued identification).

Further, B&M Pawn will transfer a firearm from you to a licensed FFL for the same fee of $25.